James A. Gibson

I am a technical lead software engineer working in the healthcare space. My work spans the entire software development lifecycle, from design to implementation, testing, and deployment. I usually write code with Python and I an advocate for infrastructure as code using Terraform. I specialize in backend software engineering, distributed software across micoservices informed by domain driven design, and I do quite a bit of DevOps work.

In a previous career I worked in philosophy specializing in metaphysics and epistemology, especially on free will, and philosophy of religion. I also spent a good amount of time in the history of philosophy and some history of philosophy of science. I am very much a generalist. My side project on the academic side at the moment is an english translation of Voetius’s ten selected disputations collected by A. Kuyper.

I am a guitarist, playing mostly in the genres of rock, prog, metal, and blues. I tried and failed to understand jazz.

I reside in Coronado, CA with my family.

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